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The Bench Fitness Cable Belt Squat is the first Belt Squat designed and built in Thailand. The Cable Belt Squat is the perfect tool for building massive quad size and strength without any pressure on the spine. Our plate loaded Cable Belt Squat with added band pegs is perfect for any training needs, from rehabilitation to hypertrophy and strength training. The cable and pulley system ensures a smooth and constant tension, perfect for blasting the quads throughout the range of motion.

The Bench Fitness Belt Squat was designed using our Built Strong design philosophy, meaning only the strongest materials are used to ensure it can take beating and stand the test of time. A wide platform offers versatility enabling athletes to train using a variety of stances, depending on their goals. The soft belt ensures athlete comfort even under heavy loads. The Belt Squat is a great tool for those recovering from shoulder injuries or those lacking proper shoulder mobility to still smash a heavy leg day.

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