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The Bench Fitness Adjustable Bench 2.1 is the lightweight brother of our Adjustable Bench 2.0. Weighing nearly 50% less, the Bench Fitness Adjustable bench 2.1 is easier to move around and store, making it more suitable for smaller athletes and female athletes.

Using our Built Strong philosophy, we have designed a bench that will suit any gym. The adjustability is perfect for home gyms where space is a premium and the rugged design is ideal for hard core gyms with high traffic.

A Single Pull Up bar is fitted to XSR02 and XSR03. All Uprights and components are painted in our durable matt black powder coat. With 5 levels of adjustment on the backrest and 2 levels on the seat, the Bench Fitness Adjustable Bench 2.0 is perfect for training chest, shoulders, back, triceps, biceps and even abs. With the Built Strong design this bench can handle the heaviest of loads. High density foam on the backrest and seat, covered in high grade durable leather makes the Bench Fitness Adjustable Bench 2.0 very comfortable in all positions.

Adjustable Bench 2.1 Specifications

Overall Length  1432 mm
Height 445 mm
Overall Width 629 mm
Foot print 1432 mm x 629 mm
Weight 36 KG
Back Pad Length 950 mm
Seat Pad Length 350 mm
Pad Width 300 mm

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