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Preacher Curl

Length : 1215mm

Width : 860mm

Height : 940mm

Weight machine : 50kg

  • Meet the national standard of GB 17498-2008 and EU EN20957 standard.
  •  Design and produce according to the kinematics and ergonomics.
  •  Main frame uses 95×2.5mm high-strength and high-frequency welded circular steel tubes combined with 100mm x 50mmx 3mm high-strength and high-frequency welded rectangle steel tube.
  •  All bolts are made of stainless steel, guarantees the stability and strength of the machine connections.
  •  Thermosetting powder electrostatic spraying technology makes surface colour bright, high gloss and has a strong visual impact. also resistant to humidity.
  •  Seatrd cushion passed the hazardous chemicals testing and inspection certification of ROSH, REACH.
  •  Soft PVC feel ensuring stability and prevent floor wear.
  •  Seat position adjustment adopts pulling design, adjustment sliding tube was chrome plated, making smooth slide and looks elegant.
  •  PVC feer ensuring stability and prevent floor wear.
  •  Adjustable seat height suit for different users.
  •  Material of positions the barbell bar placed is high wear-resistant TPU and cushioning impact.

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