The Bench Fitness X Series has been designed to meet the demands of CrossFit Boxes and Fitness Studios.

The X Series Wall Rigs are a great value wall rig whilst still providing great performance. Uprights are made from 75 x 50 x 3.2 mm Steel, with 50 mm hole spacing to front and 150 mm hole spacing to side of upright (50 mm hole spacing at top and bottom of the upright gives additional crossmember height options). Dual pull up bars are fitted to provide added strength to your rig. All uprights and dual pull up bars are painted in our durable matt black powder coat.

All X Series Wall Rigs come with the following,

  • 75 x 50 x 3.2mm thick uprights
  • Dual Pull Up Crossmembers with 8 mm thick laser cut end plates for added strength
  • J Hooks with high density plastic to protect your barbells from damage
  • 16mm heavy duty zinc bolts
  • Floor and wall concrete bolts


    XFR01 2 Squat / Bench Station, 2 Pull Up Station
    XFR02 2 Squat / Bench Station, 6 Pull Up Station
    XFR03 4 Squat / Bench Station, 8 Pull Up Station
    XFR04 4 Squat / Bench Station, 12 Pull Up Station
    XFR05 6 Squat / Bench Station, 14 Pull Up Station

    X Series Floor Rig XFR04

    X Series Floor Rig XFR04

    49,990.00 ฿ THB


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    X Series Floor Rig XFR04

    X Series Floor Rig XFR04

    49,990.00 ฿ THB
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