Full custom fit outs

Designing a home gym or commercial gym? We’ll work with you to find the best solution for your strength gym and your branding style.

Incorporate your brand

Our design team will work with you to add your branding to your strength equipment to make it your own. 

Customise your colour

You don't have to settle for just black. We have a huge range of colours to fit your branding.

Colour Options

You don't have to settle for just black, red, blue or silver. Check out our range of colour options available - all for a small additonal cost.

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Co Founder


Co Founder


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Off the shelf?

Looking for a ready built, off-the-shelf solution? We offer a full range of Core gym equipment. Our Core range lives up to its name, by being at the core of what every gym needs.

CORE Range

Our Core range lives up to its name. It covers the foundation of any strength & conditioning gym with rigs, racks, accessories, attachments and storage - an affordable solution for your gym.

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