100kg Fleck Plate Set

100kg Fleck Plate Set

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  • Features

    • 100kg set
    • Includes pair of 5kg/10kg/15kg/20kg
    • High quality natural and SBR rubber
    • 1% weight tolerance
    • Suits all Olympic 50mm diameter barbells
  • Specifications

    • MaterialHigh quality natural and SBR rubber
    • Length-
    • Height5 kg – 400 mm. 10kg – 25 kg 450 mm
    • Width-
    • Weight1% Tolerance
    • SKU-


Bench Fitness has one goal, to make people strong. Strong people needs weights to lift.

Perfect for those that want to add some colour to their gym enhancing the looks and with the added benefit of making plates easier to identify. Bench Fitness Fleck Bumpers are the highest quality Olympic standard weight plates. Fitted with a 50.4mm stainless steel hub insert to ensure these plates are easy to slide on to any Olympic standard barbell sleeve.

Bench Fitness Fleck Bumpers are made from high quality natural and SBR rubber to ensure durability and reduces noise when dropped.

A full set of our Bench Fitness Premium Bumpers including pairs of 5kg, 10kg, 15kg and 20kg totaling 100kg in weight.