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The CERBERUS Safety Squat Bar a fantastic tool to add to your training arsenal and really is a must have specialist bar. It is designed to allow those of us with poor shoulder mobility or shoulder injuries to do a back loaded squat, however it offers far more than just that. The CERBERUS SSB also makes a fantastic assistance tool to improve both your straight bar squat and deadlift.

Due to the unique shape and design of this bar it distributes the weight differently. The bar sits slightly higher on your traps than if you were to do a high bar squat. This puts the load in a different position (between a front squat and high-bar back squat) which makes squatting with this bar feel very different and has lots of unique benefits. Its strengthens your upper back and core. This is because the CERBERUS Safety Squat Bar has a camber which actually places the collar below the midline and at an angle to the vertical axis. This feature coupled with the fact the bar actually sits slightly higher on the shoulders will tend pull you forward. This forces you to have to fight to stay in the upright position to prevent folding. Its forward-facing handles mean that you no longer have to go through the pain or discomfort of trying to reach the bar if you have poor shoulder mobility or shoulder injuries and also eliminates the stress on your elbows and wrists. Because of the bar position sitting higher on your traps it also allows you to keep a far more upright position which in turn places less stress on your lower back helping to alleviate pain and improving your squatting technique which will carry over to your straight bar back squat also.

The CERBERUS Safety Squat Bar can be used for a lot of different movements and even feels better for some of them than a regular barbell. In particular:

  • Front Squat
  • Good Morning of all types
  • Lunges of all types
  • Split Squats
  • Step-ups

SSB's are proven to have massive benefits and great strength gains. Check out this study: “A Comparison of Back Squat & Safety Squat Bar on Measures of Strength, Speed, and Power”


Weight 25kg
Knurl Aggressive
Bushes Bronze
Shaft Red Cerakote
Sleeves Bright Zinc
Pad Dual layer load displacing pad
Diameter 32mm
Bar Length 2400mm
Knurling Features Fully Knurled handles for improved Grip
Load Rating 680.38kg / 1500lb
Tensile Strength 225,000 psi
Warranty 3 Year Functional Warranty

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