Climbing Rope

Climbing Rope

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  • Features

    • Crafted from sturdy polyhemp
    • Measures 4.5m in length with a 38mm diameter
    • Features a powder-coated steel end for easy fastening
    • Suitable for rigs, beams, or crossmembers
    • Requires regular inspection due to natural wear and tear
    • Replace promptly if any signs of damage are detected
  • Specifications

    • Material38mm diameter terylene
    • Length4.5m
    • Height-
    • Width-
    • Weight8.5kg
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The Bench Fitness Climbing Rope, measuring 4.5m in length with a 38mm diameter, is crafted from durable polyhemp. At one end, it features a powder-coated steel attachment, ensuring easy and secure fastening to rigs, beams, or crossmembers.

As with all climbing ropes, this product is subject to wear and tear. It's essential to inspect the rope before and after every use. If any signs of damage are detected, immediate replacement is advised.