Monster DB 25KG

Monster DB 25KG

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  • Features

    • 50mm solid steel grip
    • 50mm solid steel sleeves
    • 5mm rolled outer
  • Specifications

    • Material5 & 6mm sheet steel
    • Length542mm
    • Height269mm
    • Width269mm
    • Weight25kg
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The monster dumbbell used to be a circus act, purely because of the impressive visual spectacle of seeing someone lift an enormous weight overhead with one hand. In recent years, the monster dumbbell has become a staple of strongman competitions around the world. The Bench Fitness Monster Dumbbell 25kg brings that magic to your gym. The Bench Fitness Monster Dumbbell 28kg is plate loadable with small diameter olympic plates. With an unloaded weight of 28kg, the Bench Fitness Monster Dumbbell 28kg offers a more accessible way into strongman training than our 45kg Monster Dumbbell.

Measuring at 542mm in length and 270mm in diameter the Bench Fitness Monster Dumbbell 28kg is an absolute unit. With the 50mm thick grip, your grip is sure to get a good workout as well. The Bench Fitness Monster Dumbbell 28kg is designed using our Built Strong philosophy that will ensure longevity and durability.

Finish on the coated sleeves may experience wear over time due to any contact with metal, such as when plates are added or removed.