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The Bench Fitness Multi Bar will add immense variety to any athlete’s training, with multiple grip widths allowing athletes to engage a wider range of muscles  through different ranges of motion. Neutral grip pressing movements have been shown to have much reduced impact on shoulder joints, thus enabling athletes to train at higher volumes and intensity with less wear and tear on the body. The Bench Fitness Multi Bar is ideal for pulling, pushing or even curling movements. With it’s loadable sleeves that fit all olympic standard plates, the Bench Fitness Multi Bar can be loaded with enough weight to challenge even the strongest athletes. The close grip angled handles, are the perfect handles for tricep extensions or a narrow curl. The two outside neutral handles are great for pressing and pulling movements. 

Made using 40mm x 40mm box frame with 33mm thick knurled grip handles spaced at 250mm, 500mm and 720mm. The Bench Fitness Multi Bar Neutral is designed and manufactured using our Built Strong design philosophy and made to stand the test of time.

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